The arrows I shoot look like this:

(The head and fletches are not to scale with each other, it's a constant-diameter shaft)
Maple shaft
Mild steel head
Copper-wire rivet
Canada Goose fletches (these have been through a few bales... and arrow stopping curtains)
Linen wrappings
Hide glue (Knox unflavored gelatin made ~8 times too strong) as the adhesive

How I shoot them. Text description and a ~1MB .MPG movie. 

A .txt file describing how I forge the heads with some clarifying comments at the end. [Read this before bothering with the movies below]

and some ~1MB .MPGs demonstrating the forging processes of making the socket, making the point, and truing up.
(the truing-up movie has a glitch at the end, it's still somewhat useful. it's the movie, not your machine. sorry. I'll be re-doing these in the future)

A .jpg detailing how I made the 'glove' I shoot with.
NOTA BENE: This is not a medieval design in any way, shape or form, it is my way of quickly building something I can shoot with with the tools and materials I have at hand. It is basically a modern three-fingered shooting glove but without the modern elastic and velcro.

Someone else's excellent rant on the language we use on the line.

Maybe someday in my superfluous leisure I'll get around to photographing and describing how I do Flemish strings without a jig; just a knife, the ball of string, a lump of beeswax and the bow itself.

(AKA Meister Frydherik Eysenkopf, OL, CSagg, &c.)